JSF, T-346 and G550 CAEW together for a joint training.

Italian Air Force JSF and T-346

Thursday, March 16, an important training activities were carried out at Italian Air Force 32nd Wing based in Amendola AFB. It involved the new JSF aircraft (Joint Strike Fighter) from the 13th Flight Squadron and T-346A trainer jet from 61st Wing of Galatina AFB.

The joint activity was organized to deepen the main themes of common interest in the field of advanced training to better prepare the newly licensed pilots for the fourth and fifth generation aircraft.

The new G550 aircraft CAEW (Conformal Airborne Early Warning) from Pratica di Mare AFB took part in the exercise also. All the activities were coordinated by the control personnel of Italian Air Defense.

The 32nd Wing is the first one in Europe to have introduced the JSF aircraft, it also carries out the operational, training and technique activities for Predator remotely piloted aircraft.  Its capabilities are very important to acquire and maintain the ability to perform national ISTAR (Intelligence, Survaillance, Target Acquisition, Reconnaissance) operations and for the coalition also. In addition, it provides and complete, through the MB-339A trainer jet, the training of UAV pilots in order to ensure an adequate level training aspects even on conventional aircraft.

Source: Italian Air Force

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