22 Aishows for the new amazing Rafale Solo Display special color.

Rafale Demo Team 2017

On April 26, at the Base Aerienne 113 in Saint-Dizier, the French Rafale solo display unveiled the special color aircraft for the 2017 season. It represents the blue-red-grey colors of Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) coat of arms. The new painted aicraft took off on April 27 during a "beau temps" event in its home base. The Rafale will perform its amazing display during all the new season.


14 May - Meeting de l'Air in Bordeaux-Merignac (BA106), France

20 May - AirExpò 2017 in Muret-Lherm, France

27-28 May - Duxford Air Festival 2017, UK

03-04 June - Meeting de la Ferté-Alais in Cerny, France

19-25 June - Paris Air Show 2017, Le Bourget, France

01-02 July - Meeting de l'Air in Saint-Dizier (BA113), France

09 July - Meeting de France in Dijon Bourgogne, France

22 July - Meeting Aérien in St. Tropez, France

27 July - Meeting de plage in Palavas, France

30 July - Meeting de plage in St. Cyprien, France

14 August - Meeting de plage in Toulon, France

18-20 August - Roskilde Airshow 2017, Denmark

27 August - Meeting International de la Somme in d'Albert Airport, France

02-03 September - Meeting Aérien contre le cancer in Rodez Airport, France

08-10 September - Sanicole International Airshow 2017, Belgium

16-17 September - Breitling Sion Airshow 2017, Swiss

24 September - Avignon Airshow 2017, France

01 October - Rencontres Aéronatiques in Gimonde, France

14-15 October - Free Flight World Masters in St. Maxime, France

12-16 November - Dubai International Airshow 2017, Emirates

Source: Rafale Solo Display official website

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