The Swedish fighter jet will replace a half-fleet of Mig-29s at first.

The next Bulgarian fighter jet 

Last year the Bulgarian Minister of Finance revealed his intention to include the modernization of the military fleet in the 2017 budget plan.

- We have not decided on the new aircraft yet, but the choice will be between new manufactured Gripens or second hand F-16s or Eurofighters - He said during the same day.

According to a recent janes.com post, Bulgaria has chosen the Swedish fighter jet to replace its Mig-29 fleet.

Bulgaria has selected the Saab Gripen as its new future fighter aircraft, the country's interim deputy prime minister reportedly announced on 26 April.

Stefan Yanev said talks will now take place with Sweden to acquire eight aircraft to replace its Warsaw Pact-era MiG-29 'Fulcrum' fighters, the Reuters news agency reported, adding that a special commission into the procurement will be set up within a week.

Today Bulgaria has 15 Mig-29s in service and the first order would only cover half a fleet of aircraft. The limited budget was already clear in the previous statement by the Minister - The first oreder will cover only part of the fleet -.

The news is not officially confirmed by Saab, but it would be a big success for the Swedish company bringing eight nations to fly the 4th Gen. multirole Gripen fighter jet.

Written By Matteo Sanzani

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