Analyzing the video of the accident of Thai Gripen of yesterday, some journalists said that the modality of the crash was very strange.

Thai Gripen

The Royal Thai Air Force declared that aicraft and pilot were in good condition before the fatal crash.

According to a source of Bangkok Posts the pilot was well trained and the aircraft was in good condition, all the Gripen maintenance procedure were performed as scheduling.

The Air Force launched an investigation about the crash, but the evidences will not arrive before a month. There are many issues to evaluate and examine.

The Gripen and other eight fighter jets took part at the annual event organized at Wing 56 for the children and the parents of the air force personnel.

The tragedy occurred in front of the pilot's family.

Sqn Ldr Dilokrit will be promoted posthumously to the rank of air marshal in line with military procedure.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
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