The Norwegian Government proposes to acquire five Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol control aircraft to continue the maritime surveillance capability that can meet current and future challenges.

Photo Credit: Boeing

"P-8A Poseidon is a formidable platform for the monitoring of our oceans, and will provide the Norwegian civil and military authorities and the Allied countries a sound basis for making decisions. Equipped with modern sensors and weapons, the new Poseidon aircraft will allow the improvement of this capacity ", says the Ministry of Defence Ine Eriksen Søreide.
Parliament supported the long-term government proposal to acquire new maritime patrol aircraft to replace the current six P-3 Orion and three DA-20 Falcon jet. To continue the MPA and ISR capabilities that allow Norway to face current and future challenges, the government presented a proposal for the acquisition of five P-8A Poseidon for the Armed Forces. In addition to the aircraft, the contract includes modern sensors, surveillance systems, new anti-submarine weapons and support systems. Delivery is required in the period 2021 - 2022. This order has a value of approximately 9.825 billion kronor and includes the budget for the purchase of equipment for the intelligence too. The total cost is within the cost limits for the long-term expenditure.
The maritime sector has always been important in Norwegian security policy. The Norwegian waters are about seven times larger than the land areas and distances are great. The Norwegian and the adjacent waters now require added security.
"The new political scenario requires to strengthen the nation's security. The ability to manage the current and future challenges must be strengthened. We achieve this with the introduction of five P-8A Poseidon in 2021-22," says Eriksen Søreide.
P-8A Poseidon is a formidable platform to gather information and is essential to provide the Norwegian civil and military authorities and allies with a solid foundation for understanding the situation and timely decisions. With modern sensors, the new Poseidon aircraft to continue and improve this ability.
The Norwegian maritime patrol aircraft have been replaced periodically since we started this activity in the early 60s, to follow the technological development monitoring. The underwater monitoring is technically complicated. The combination of the new security environment and new submarines generations, allowing Norway to have sensors and modern and critical systems for the monitoring of maritime areas. The Norwegian maritime patrol aircraft has ensured since 1960 visible military activity and adjust in the north, and this activity is an important contribution to stability and predictability. P-8A Poseidon can continue a well-known and established operating model. A continuation of these activities with Norwegian aircraft will help ensure the stability and predictability in the area, ready to meet the needs of the country and allies.
The Poseidon is able to cover large expanses of ocean in a short time and stay for extended periods in the operation areas. The aircraft is able to detect, identify, monitor and eventually wipe out at sea threats. The P-8A Poseidon is able to guarantee a search and rescue capacity in the waters off the coast of Norway also. It is an important contribution to social security through the ability to contribute to anti-maritime terrorism operations.
"The introduction of Poseidon aircraft is crucial for Norway to maintain a leadership position and expertise in strategic conditions in northern areas," said Ministry of Defence.

Source: Norwegian Government
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