According to aviationweek.com it seems there are disagreements between Raytheon and Leonardo about the TX program. The two companies are in partnership to participate in the prestigious program through which the US Air Force (USAF) intends to replace old aircraft trainer with more advanced products.

T-100 Trainer Jet

At the moment nothing is confirmed or denied by Leonardo and Raytheon: the spokespersons of the two companies were limited to say that "the negotiations are moving forward" to get to finalize all the details.

What could be the breaking point? Initially Leonardo had struck a deal with General Dynamics, however, in March 2015, the company has decided to retire. Considering that in order to participate in projects to provide aircraft to the US military requires a partnership with an American company, Leonardo began looking for a replacement. 

Last February, Raytheon and Leonardo have announced their intention to participate together with the competition by offering the T-100, an aircraft that is based on the M-346. They were later added Honeywell and CAE.

What is the role of each of the four companies? Raytheon is the prime contractor, Leonardo provides the structure of the aircraft, Honeywell deals with two engines and CAE has the task of preparing the equipment for the simulation of flight and ground training.

If the T-100 were to win the race and be the choice of the USAF, the aircraft will be assembled in the United States, only problem the choice of the establishment to carry out this operation, which has not yet defined.

The point of disagreement between Leonardo and Raytheon could also be linked to some characteristics of the project: The engine developed by Honeywell it seems a step backwards compared to that of other competitors involved in the project, namely Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Northrop Grumman.

The payout of such a program would be for Leonardo a fundamental step for the future development plans, counting the T-X could be the launch project to strengthen and expand its presence in the United States.

Written By Matteo Sanzani
Pics: Raytheon
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