Germany to purchase 20 additional Eurofighter jets

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz today announced the purchase of 20 additional Eurofighter jets.

Germany purchase additional Eurofighters
German Air Force Eurofighter multirole combat aircraft.

Speaking at the opening of the ILA in Berlin, Chancellor Scholz said he was strongly committed to maintaining and expanding arms production capacity.

The news underlines Germany’s commitment to NATO in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Chancellor Scholz said: "We will order 20 more Eurofighters before the end of this legislative session (scheduled for autumn 2025) — in addition to the 38 aircraft currently in the pipeline.”

He added that the order would give certainty to Airbus and its suppliers.

Eurofighter CEO Giancarlo Mezzanatto said: “Today’s announcement from the German government is great news for the Eurofighter programme and our industry partners.

“It underlines Germany’s long-term commitment to the Eurofighter.

“Eurofighter Typhoon will be the backbone of Europe’s defence for decades to come.”

Source, Image: Eurofighter GmbH

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