Swedish pilots start training in Italy

Cadets of the Swedish Air Force for the first time at the 61st Wing in Galatina

Swedish pilots training Italy
Swedish Air Force student pilots head to the Italian Air Force's MB-339 trainer jet at Galatina Air Base, southern Italy.

In accordance with the Technical Arrangement, signed in December 2023 between the Italian Air Force and the Swedish Air Force, the first four Scandinavian students arrived at the “F. Cesari” military airport of Galatina, accompanied by their Senior National Representative, to undertake the flight training course that the Air Force also offers to various international partners.

The young cadets, after a short in-processing period at the base located in the territory of Salento, will begin the Phase II “Primary Pilot Training” course on 22 January 2024 at the 214th Flight Group, through which they will acquire the necessary basic knowledge and skills of military flight.

Swedish pilots training Italy

The training will continue with the subsequent Phase III Fighter Track “Specialized Pilot Training”, managed by the 213th Group, which, through more advanced and specific preparation, will allow them to reach the most important and significant stage in the long road to full operational capacity: obtaining a military pilot’s license.

Once obtained the “turreted eagle” pin, which distinguishes military pilots, the process will continue within the 61st Wing under the guidance of the 212th Group/IFTS, at the International Flight Training School of Decimomannu, an innovative and cutting-edge training campus, resulting from the collaboration between the Air Force and Leonardo.

Phase IV “Lead-In to Fighter Training” will thus begin, a path which, by means of the highly advanced Integrated Training System 346 (ITS-346), will allow for a smoother transition to operational activities on latest generation aircraft.

Swedish pilots training Italy

Sweden joins the numerous nations that over the years have chosen the Italian Air Force and the 61st Wing, demonstrating the recognized international value of the quality of the training offered by the Italian flight school. For Col. Vito Conserva, Commander of the 61st Wing, “the increasingly significant presence of foreign personnel confirms the continuous growth of our school, now a consolidated centre of excellence for flight training, based on the most modern assets of the Italian Air Force”.

Source, Images: Italian Air Force

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