France takes delivery of 150th Rafale C

France takes delivery 150th Rafale
The 150th Rafale C fighter prepares to leave Dassault Aviation's factory on Bordeaux-Mérignac airport to fly to the French air force's aircraft technical expertise center in Mont-de-Marsan, where it will be upgraded to the latest F4.1 standard.

France's Directorate General of Armaments (Direction générale de l'armement - DGA) took delivery of the 150th Rafale C on 21 September 2023 at the Dassault Aviation manufacturing facility in Mérignac, France. The aircraft was subsequently taken over by the military air expertise center at Air Base 118 in Mont-de Marsan to be upgraded to the F4.1 standard. It will then participate in an experimental campaign.

The F4.1 standard brings important capability developments in the field of air combat. They include the integration of the SCORPION helmet-mounted sight*, improvements in fire controls to operate the Meteor air-to-air missile, improved passive threat detection algorithms, as well as increased capabilities for data exchanges.

The F4.1 standard also allows the integration of the 1,000 kg AASM weapon with GPS/laser guidance, greater protection against cyber threats, new functions for the Talios, OSF and RBE2 sensors, and initial developments in the field of connectivity.

All Rafales of the French Air Force and the French Navy will be progressively adapted to this new standard.

This is the fifth example of a batch of 40 aircraft scheduled for delivery by the end of 2025, of which thirteen will be delivered this year.

* It allows the pilot to view the main flight and mission parameters on the helmet visor and to monitor the surrounding environment simultaneously with the information provided by the on-board instruments and to engage the target with his/her gaze.

Source, Image: DGA

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