Swedish Saab 105 receives special livery to celebrate 60 years since first flight

Saab 105 special livery
Swedish Air Force SK 60 trainer jet sports a yellow-red livery to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first flight. 

Swedish aerospace manufacturer Saab recently released some images of a Saab 105 trainer jet with an uncommon yellow-red livery. This special color pays tribute to the 60th anniversary of the aircraft's first flight (June 29, 1963). It is based on the livery in which the aircraft was painted in the Swedish Air Force Flight School in the 1930s.

The Saab 105 is a twin engine side-by-side seating trainer which began life as a private venture. The Swedish government eventually sponsored the production of a prototype in 1961. Developed as a low cost multirole aircraft, the Saab 105 can be fitted with a variety of weapons or reconnaissance pods using six under-wing hardpoints. The Saab 105 can easily be converted between combat and training configurations but can also be used to transport a pair of passengers via the installation of smaller ejector seats for the pilot/co-pilot and a bench behind them. The Saab 105 was a limited success and was only ordered by Sweden and Austria with only 192 examples being produced.

Saab 105 special livery

Designated as the SK 60 in Swedish Air Force service, the Swedish Government initially ordered 130 aircraft during 1963. In addition to the basic SK 60A trainer, the SK 60B and C attack versions were also produced as modifications, the SK 60C featuring an elongated nose to allow for the installation of a camera. During 2021, the Grob G 120TP was ordered to replace the SK 60 in Swedish service.

Saab 105 special livery

Images: Saab

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