Spain plans to buy more Eurofighter combat aircraft

Spain buy more Eurofighter Typhoon
Spanish Air For Eurofighter multi-role combat aircraft

Spain may soon purchase additional Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role combat aircraft. This plan emerged during the recent meeting held in Milan, Italy, between representatives of the 4 nations involved in the Eurofighter programme.

"The Eurofighter is essential for Spain, represents the backbone of the defense of our airspace and is the engine of our aerospace defense industry," said MarĂ­a Amparo Valcarce, Spanish Secretary of State for Defence.

Spain bought 20 new Eurofighters under the Halcon program last year and further aircraft could soon be procured.

"Spain has contracted 20 new aircraft and is studying the acquisition of more Eurofighters, a decision that will depend on the smooth running of the program," Valcarce said.

Valcarce also stressed that the Eurofighter is essential for Spain as it represents the backbone of the nation's airspace defense and boosts the Spanish aerospace defense industry.

Thanks to last year's contract, the Spanish Eurofighter fleet has grown to 90 aircraft. The new aircraft will be equipped with E-Scan (Electronically Scanned) radar and will replace the F-18 fleet operated by the Spanish Air Force on the Canary Islands.

Eurofighter is Europe’s largest defence programme, involving the four core nations of the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Italy. To date, the Eurofighter programme has logged 681 aircraft orders to 9 nations around the globe.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Image: Eurofighter GmbH

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