Qatar to deploy fighter aircraft in Turkey for training needs

Qatar fighter aircraft Turkey
Qatar Emiri Air Force Rafale multirole combat aircraft.

Qatar will soon deploy some 250 military personnel and 36 warplanes to Turkey as part of a military cooperation agreement between Doha and its close ally. This operation aims to get Qatari fighter pilots to train in Turkey.

The Technical Regulation on the Deployment of Qatar Military Aircraft Personnel in Turkey was reportedly signed in March 2021, according to the news organisation. It is based on a previous technical arrangement for military cooperation signed on May 23, 2007.

“With the technical arrangement prepared in accordance with the principle of developing activities based on friendship and cooperation between the two countries, it is aimed that Qatari military pilots can use Turkish airspace airports temporarily to contribute to their training and experience,” the regulation said.

According to the document, an observer Turkish pilot will be in the cockpit to record compliance with the rules in the sorties of Qatari transport planes. The observer pilot will be authorized to change the previously allocated airspace or the route of the aircraft.

Both nations agreed that the Gulf state will cover the operational costs of Turkish aircraft that fly in formation with Qatari fighter jets.

Written by Darren Bondi
Image: Dassault Aviation

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