Italy, Japan deepen defense cooperation including pilot training and sixth-gen fighter

Japan Italy pilot training cooperation
The Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, General Luca Goretti sits in the cockpit of a JASDF T-4 trainer jet.

The Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, General Luca Goretti recently went to Tokyo to discuss future military cooperation between Italy and Japan. During his trip, which took place from 2 to 8 October, Goretti met the Japanese Minister of Defense, Yasukazu Hamada, the Director of ATLA (Acquisition, Technology & Logistic Agency) Mr. Hideki Tsuchimoto and the Head of Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF), General Shunji Izutsu.

The meetings allowed the authorities to deepen on topics of common interest including the training of pilots at the ITAF-Leonardo International Flight Training School (IFTS), activities with fifth generation fighters, the development of a common project for a sixth generation aircraft ( Future Combat Aircraft System), as well as possible collaborations in the Space Domain sector (Space Situational Awareness and Space Weather).

"That between our Air Forces is a collaboration based on mutual trust," Goretti said during the visit. "Our ties are strong and this visit is proof of this. We are cooperating together in different areas, on different programs, including the International Flight Training School and the use of common platforms such as the F35 and the KC767 tanker. Our collaboration is in continuous improvement, together we look at international security, the Space Domain and the common project on the 6th generation aircraft."

Japan Italy pilot training cooperation

While in Japan, Goretti visited some JASDF air bases such as Hamamatsu AirBase and JASDF Air Park, where it was possible to deepen professional activities, exchanges of training experiences, techniques and operational procedures, as well as technical-aeronautical and industrial areas.

He also had the opportunity to meet the students of the "Aquila VI" Course of the Italian Air Force Academy who were in Japan in those same days as part of a broader educational tour that included visits to different countries and international operational contexts. The future officers of the Italian Air Force were able to meet with the other students of the Japanese National Defense Academy.

Japan Italy pilot training cooperation

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian Air Force

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