RoKAF Black Eagles head to Egypt to pitch KAI T-50 jet

Black Eagles Pyramids Airshow
RoKAF Black Eagles display team.

The South Korean Air Force Black Eagles aerobatic team will perform today over the Giza Pyramid Complex, as announced by the Egyptian Air Force on Wednesday. The team's 9 T-50B jets (8 + 1 spare) arrived in Cairo on Monday to conduct training with the Egyptian Silver Stars ahead of the event.

In addition to showcasing the skills of RoKAF pilots to the crowd, South Korea's aim is to promote the T-50 advanced trainer and light combat jet in Egypt.

The Black Eagles' participation in the Pyramids Airshow 2022 is part of a broader promotional campaign for the Korean jet that will include several nations. Their tour kicked off last July at the Royal International Air Tattoo, UK, and will continue throughout the summer.

Aircraft manufacturer Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) is looking to place its jet as a replacement for the K-8E in the Egyptian Air Force fleet.

For some time now Egypt has been on the market to identify a platform capable of taking the role of the K-8E in the training process of its fighter pilots. Among the aircraft under evaluation are the Leonardo M-346, the KAI T-50, the Embraer Super Tucano and the Aero L-39NG.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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