Italian Air Force deploys F-35B jets to Iceland to boost Air Expeditionay capability

Italian F35B deployment Iceland
Italian Air Force F-35B lands at Keflavik airport, Iceland.

The Italian Air Force deployed two F-35B aircraft from the 32nd Wing to Iceland as part of the "Thunder" exercise from 20 to 27 June 2022. The purpose of the "Thunder" was to conduct training activities in remote areas and non-permissive environments, characterized by harsh climates and short runways not suitable for conventional take-off aircraft. The Italian F-35Bs operated for a week from Keflav├Čk airport, where four F-35As have also been based since April as part of the NATO Air Policing operation "Northern Lightning III".

This exercise also marked the first deployment of a pair of Italian Air Force F-35B STOVL (Short Take Off and Vertical Landing) jets outside national borders. The Italian Air Force carried out the transfer of the aircraft in full autonomy, using a KC-767A aircraft from the 14th Wing for transport and air refueling activities and a C-130J from the 46th Air Brigade for Search and Rescue.

The "Thunder" allowed the Service to continue the consolidation process - started two years ago - of the Air Expeditionary capability, which allows the Italian assets to operate in disadvantaged operational areas such as damaged or small runways, as well as airports with limited technical and logistics equipment.

Thanks to its remarkable versatility, the fifth generation aircraft has once again proved to be indispensable for the Italian Air Force as it allows to ensure rapid projection capability away from the motherland.

The Air Expeditionary capability, which represents the pillars of air supremacy, cannot be separated from two key factors: time and distance. They are closely related to altitude, speed and range of action and consequently to the type of aircraft and reduced logistical needs.

The F-35B STOVL is able to operate close to the front line and therefore to deploy potentially anywhere in the world, even away from the main coasts and airports, amplifying ubiquity and persistence. This means that it is capable of conducting more sorties than a traditional aircraft, significantly reducing action times and further increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of air missions.

Italian F35B deployment Iceland

Italian F35B deployment Iceland

Italian F35B deployment Iceland

Italian F35B deployment Iceland

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Images: Italian Air Force

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