Tecnam, Leonardo team up to offer P2012 Sentinel ISR aircraft

Tecnam Leonardo P2012 ISR aircraft
Tecnam P2012 Sentinel intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft. It is equipped with Leonardo’s ATOS mission system. 

Tecnam and Leonardo announced on Thursday the signing of a memorandum of understanding that will allow customers to order Tecnam’s P2012 Sentinel Special Mission Platform (SMP) fully integrated with Leonardo’s Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance (ATOS) system as an off-the-shelf product. The P2012 Sentinel SMP ATOS ISR will be outfitted with a full intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) suite based on Leonardo’s world-renowned ATOS mission system.

According to Tecnam, the SMP P2012 will offer a truly unique combination in the Special Mission Platform market as it will be able to cover the missions normally associated with higher class platforms at a fraction of their acquisition and operating costs. A TECNAM Sentinel with its maximum capacity of 3680 kg, equipped with a full mission suite and up to seven 90 kg crew members (pilots, sensor operators and observers), will provide up to 9 hours of autonomy.

The integration of the Leonardo ATOS system enhances the P2012 SMP’s multi mission capabilities, providing customers with a turnkey ISR platform offer.

ATOS is an advanced airborne mission system that integrates and manages a multitude of sensors and sub-systems, providing the user with full situation awareness during challenging ISR missions. The system’s unique Human Machine Interface (HMI) improves the user experience and reduces operator workload.

More than 60 ATOS installations are in operation around the world and the system has evolved over the years to meet new and emerging customer requirements.

The P2012 Sentinel SMP ATOS ISR delivers advanced surveillance over maritime and land domains, day or night. Missions include SAR support, naval traffic control and electronic/communications Intelligence.

The standard P2012 Sentinel SMP ATOS ISR configuration includes the proven Gabbiano TS-80 Ultra-Light radar and LEOSS EO/IR turret, both from Leonardo.

Additional sensors can also be integrated, such as Leonardo’s SAGE ESM and Spider COMINT systems for signal intelligence applications. ATOS is fully customizable and can integrate third parties sensors in order to fulfil customers’ requirements.

“We are very proud to partner with Leonardo in the surveillance market providing a new platform equipped with the ATOS mission system. This proven, advanced and capable system, paired to the latest P2012 Sentinel aircraft, integrates and widens the ISR offer with a safe, capable, interoperable, and low-cost special mission platform.” says Tecnam’s CEO, Paolo Pascale.

“Through this partnership with Tecnam, we’re pleased to be bringing an innovative ISR solution with an extremely light footprint to the international market. The P2012 Sentinel, equipped with latest-generation sensors through Leonardo’s ATOS Light system, is the ideal turnkey solution for a number of demanding surveillance missions.” says Luca Picollo, SVP Airborne Systems, Leonardo Electronics.

Source, Image: Tecnam

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