BAF F16 Demo Team unveils new special painted 'Dream Viper' jet

Belgian F16 demo 2022 schedule
The freshly painted Belgian Air Force F-16 Demo jet, the Dream Viper, flies inverted.

The Belgian Air Force rolled out its new F-16 Demo Jet, the Dream Viper, on June 9, 2022. The aircraft (Reg. FA-87) wears a black-green color scheme inspired by the reptile it is nicknamed, the Viper.

The Belgian F-16AM FA-87 has received various special liveries over the years, including great tiger schemes on the occasion of the 31st Squadron's past participations in the NATO Tiger Meet exercise.

The freshly painted jet will be flown by Captain Steven De Vries, better known as Vrieske, who will use his rich experience to the max. Vrieske is one of the few pilots in the world to have accumulated over 5,000 flight hours in the F-16 Fighting Falcon which is still the showpiece of the Belgian Air Force.

Vrieske started his career in the Air Force in 1990 and earned his wings in 1992. First he was part of the 23rd Squadron at Kleine-Brogel. After the disbanding of that squadron, he transferred to 31st Tiger Squadron. From 2005 to 2021 he was the leader of the Thundertigers, the formation of four F-16 jets that showed tactical maneuvers during past air shows at Sanicole and Kleine-Brogel, something Vrieske has deep experience thanks to his wide participation in combat operations abroad.

During his solo demonstration, Vrieske will show the enormous power of the F-16. His performance will differ greatly from the others as it will include numerous maneuvers with G-negative forces, something that fighter aircraft like the F-16 do not usually perform in abundance.

Belgian F16 demo 2022 schedule

The Dream Viper 2022 display season includes thirteen events across Europe as per the updated calendar below.

12 June - RAF Cosford Air Show - UK
19 June - Danish Air Show Karup AB - Denmark
25-26 June - Saint-Dizier BA113 Oper Door - France
02-03 July - Beja International Air Show - Portugal
06 July - Koksijde Open Door - Belgium
15-16 July - Royal International Air Tattoo RIAT - UK
05-06 August - Flygfesten Dala-Järna - Sweden
18-21 August - Eastbourne International Air Show - UK
26-28 August - F1 Belgian Grand Prix - Belgium
02-04 September - Airpower Zeltweg - Austria
10 September - Spottersday Kleine-Brogel - Belgium
10-11 September - International Sanicole Airshow - Belgium
17-18 September - NATO Days Ostrava - Czech Republic

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Images: Belgian Air Force

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