Uruguay edges closer to Super Tucano aircraft deal with Brazil

Uruguay Super Tucano Brazil
Brazilian Air Force Super Tucano light combat aircraft.

Uruguay's Defense Minister Javier Fernando García Duchini confirmed to a local radio that they are in talks with the Brazilian government to purchase a "new" aircraft for air defense tasks.

García said that during the February meeting between the Uruguayan Air Force Commander, General Luis Heber De León Pepelescov and the Brazilian Air Force Commander, Carlos de Almeida Baptista Jr., they spoke about Uruguay's need to receive a new combat aircraft.

The plan is to purchase 12 second-hand Embraer A-29 Super Tucano aircraft from the inventory of the Brazilian Air Force. The Minister underlined the urgent need to replace the Pucará turboprops, which safeguarded Uruguayan airspace until 2017, and added that the high price of some platforms available on the market makes their purchase very complicated for the Uruguayan government.

He also said that the second-hand Super Tucano aircraft has an affordable price for the Uruguayan government, which has already received the approval of the Uruguayan Air Force for its acquisition. In addition, some pilots of the Uruguayan Air Force have already trained in the Brazilian Super Tucano.

The 12 aircraft offered to Uruguay are the same as Brazil previously proposed to Portugal and Ukraine. The deal, valued at approximately $ 40 million, also includes spare parts and equipment for a total package that is being negotiated by government to government.

Given the prompt delivery of the aircraft and the presence of Uruguayan pilots already trained to fly them, the Super Tucanos could be operational at the Uruguayan Air Force within a few months.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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