Maryland ANG A-10s deploy to Europe for Swift Response

A10 deploy Europe Swift Response
Two A-10C Thunderbolt II aircraft from the 104th Fighter Squadron, 175th Wing, Maryland Air National Guard, fly together during a training exercise.

Ten Maryland Air National Guard A-10C Thunderbolt II attack aircraft assigned to the 104th Fighter Squadron arrived in Iceland, May 5, 2022, to conduct Agile Combat Employment training and support the U.S. Army’s Swift Response exercise.

Swift Response, an annual U.S. Army Europe and Africa-led multinational training exercise, taking place from May 2-20, throughout Eastern Europe, including the Arctic, Baltic Sea, and Balkan Peninsula regions.

Four aircraft will transit to Norway, on May 6, while the other six fly into North Macedonia on May 7 to support exercise operations.

In addition to flying from Norway and North Macedonia, the A-10 aircraft are scheduled to deploy to forward operating locations in North Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland to execute their Agile Combat Employment capabilities.

The A-10 is the U.S. Air Forces primary low-altitude close air support aircraft and is the first Air Force aircraft designed specifically for close air support to ground forces. These capabilities provide essential support to the joint force land component and afford the U.S. military flexibility in projecting power in highly contested regions.

Approximately 9,000 service members from 17 Allied and partner nations will participate in the exercise, including approximately 2,700 U.S. Soldiers and Airmen.

Source: USAFE

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