Libya signs deal with Turkey for Hürkuş-C light combat aircraft

Libya deal Turkey Hürkuş
TAI Hürkuş-C light combat aircraft.

The Libyan Air Force, backed by the Tripoli government, has signed an agreement with Turkish Aerospace Industries, also known as TUSAŞ, for the acquisition of modern Hürkuş-C light combat aircraft.

The agreement was signed in recent days between the Chief of Staff of the Libyan Air Force, Major General Muhammad Gojil and senior TUSAŞ officials, with the support of a technical committee of the Turkish Air Force.

The Hürkuş-C is the attack variant of the Hürkuş-B trainer aircraft. It is equipped with six external hardpoints (3 under each wing) capable of carrying a payload of 1,500 kilograms to be used for close air support and ground attack missions. Photos released in 2017 by the Turkish MoD showed the aircraft carrying Roketsan UMTAS anti-tank guided missiles, Roketsan Cirit laser-guided rockets, an electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) pod (likely the Aselsan Common Aperture Targeting System or CATS), and external fuel tanks.

The Hürkuş-C is also equipped with an advanced FLIR system manufactured by the Turkish defense company Aselsan and reaches a top speed of 574 km/h.

With this agreement, Libya becomes the second exporter of the Turkish-made plane. Last year, TUSAŞ sold Hürkuş-B aircraft to Niger, whose deliveries are expected to begin shortly. The type was also bought by the Turkish Air Force.

According to local sources, TUSAŞ has already manufactured 14 Hürkuş aircraft, six of which are expected to be delivered to Libya and Niger.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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