Leonardo pitches M-345 Dual Role Tactical Trainer to Slovakia

Leonardo M345 Piestany Slovakia
New M-345 Dual Role Tactical Trainer by Leonardo.

Traditionally present in force at major Slovak air events of the past years, Leonardo confirms its attention to Slovakia at the imminent Piestany Air Show, 6-8 May, presenting at the event its M-345 Dual Role Tactical Trainer as an effective solution to respond to Slovak Air Force requirements.

The quality and effectiveness of military pilots is as much as important as to rely on the most performing and advanced defence aircraft. With Slovakia’s generational jump to a new fleet of fighter aircraft, the M-345 integrated training system is the best solution to assure highly trained pilots for the Air Force.

Leonardo is today a recognized world leader in military training and thanks to its advanced technologies and aircraft can cover the entire pilot training syllabus and improve the operational skills of any Air Forces.

While the M-346 is the most advanced solution available today for the Lead in Fighter Training (LIFT) phase of pilot training, the new M-345 Dual Role Tactical Trainer is born to be an optimal solution to cover the whole pilot’s basic to advanced training and very capable also in supporting operational tasks. The new aircraft has been conceived for effectiveness and efficiency and the best use of public resources.

Worth – then - to have a look at Piestany Air Show 2022 at the M-345 Dual Role Tactical Trainer: thanks to its performance, its avionics, able to match that of latest generation fighter aircraft, the capability of its on-board simulation suite that replicates the whole spectrum of simulated tactical functions in flight, the M-345 is a very effective jet trainer. Speaking about the training system, a complete Ground Based Training System (GBTS) that include the "Live Virtual Constructive" technology (LVC) confirms Leonardo's high technical level capabilities to train pilots. The LVC allow to link the aircraft in flight with simulators on ground, sharing in real time the virtual tactical training environment generated by the on-board simulation (inserted virtual "friends" or "enemies" elements, targets and weapons), exposing the future pilot to the complexity of any possible operational scenario.

Additionally, in its armed configuration, the M-345 Dual Role Tactical Trainer is ideally suited to be an effective light combat solution in evolving scenarios, able to carrying out operational roles and capable to employ a wide range of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons.

Leonardo M345 Piestany Slovakia

The M-345 positions itself to be ideal solution for the requirements of modern Air Forces: a jet trainer at turboprop’s costs, providing the highest performance in its segment and benefitting of a cutting edge training system technology.

The whole aircraft system was “designed for maintenance” to reduce the need for on-ground support, featuring great accessibility of the on-board systems and a Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), that optimizes the maintenance work by eliminating unnecessary checks or part replacements. All the maintenance concept has been set up and designed from the outset to be easy and flexible for customer needs as well as for an easy involvement of local industries.

Source, Images: Leonardo

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