Leonardo showcases its modern multi-role aircraft at FIDAE 2022, Chile

Leonardo FIDAE 2022 Cile
Italian Air Force T-346A advanced trainer aircraft.

Leonardo is currently participating in the FIDAE exhibition in South America, which started today in Santiago, Chile, and will run until April 10.

The company is exhibiting technologies and solutions developed to meet the needs of governments, institutions, armed forces and civil operators in the aeronautic, electronics, helicopter and space sectors. Among the flagship products are the M-345 and M-346 jets which are offered in the dual-role training and attack variant. Both are the ideal choice for providing advanced training to future Chilean fighter pilots who will be tasked with flying F-16 jets next to receive an upgrade with state-of-the-art systems.

In addition, the new operational version of the M-346FA aircraft, already delivered to the first international customer, has all the characteristics of the trainer variant and, through integration of latest generation equipment and sensors, also becomes an effective light attack aircraft. It represents one of the best options on the market to replace the old CASA C-101 and Northrop F-5E/F trainer and combat aircraft of the Chilean Air Force.

FIDAE is also showcasing the C-27J Spartan multi-role transport aircraft, which has already been selected by the Peruvian and Mexican air forces to cover various types of missions, including citizen support.

Leonardo FIDAE 2022 Cile

Leonardo boasts a well-established presence in Latin America where it has already deployed 400 helicopters for different types of missions, 70 naval systems in use, as well as military and civil aircraft, air traffic control radars and space solutions.

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Written by Matteo Sanzani
Images: Italian Air Force

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