Italian Air Force successfully completes INIOCHOS 22 combat exercise

Italian Air Force Iniochos Andravida
Italian Air Force Tornado ECR, assignedto the 6th Wing, sits on the flight line at Andravida Air Base, Greece.

Italian Airmen and Tornado aircraft (3 IDS + 3 ECR) assigned to the 6th Wing, Ghedi Air Base, Italy, successfully completed the INIOCHOS 22 air combat exercise on April 8. Launched on March 28, it ran for 2 weeks at Andravida Air Base, Greece.

The INIOCHOS is an annual Hellenic air force-sponsored operational and tactical level field training exercise hosted by the Hellenic Air Tactics Center at Greece's fighter weapons school and in various locations across Greece.

The INIOCHOS 22 was designed to provide advanced and realistic aircrew training to strengthen interoperability of allied and partner air forces during joint operations and air defenses. It aimed to enhance combat readiness, fighting capability and the enhancement of the procedural and system interoperability of the participating forces. This year was attended by members from the United States, Greek, Cypriot, French, Israeli, Romanian, Italian, Slovenian, Austrian and Canadian militaries.

Italian Air Force Iniochos Andravida

The primary goal of the Italian Air Force at INIOCHOS 22 was to consolidate the Tornado's employment capabilities, validate operational tactics and - through combined combat with other aircraft - consolidate the ability to operate jointly in a multinational context. This opportunity has allowed the Italian Air Force to build a single training standard to safely manage flight operations with the other participants, enhancing and improving the professionalism of all the personnel involved.

Italian Air Force Iniochos Andravida

The flight activity was mainly carried out over the sea, coastal strips and mountainous areas, allowing crews to plan and execute complex COMAO (Combined Air Operations) missions by training in different roles: SEAD/DEAD (Suppression/Destruction of Enemy Air Defense), TST (Time sensitive Targeting), CAS (Close Air Support), DCA (Defensive Counter Air) and OCA (Offensive Counter Air). It was also possible to employ simulated weapons in scenarios with different types of simulated threats and to train to fly at low altitudes (below 500 feet).

At the end of the exercise, the Commander of the Italian contingent Lieutenant Colonel Nicola Rotondo highlighted how the changing scenarios with increasing complexity represented a very valid and demanding training process, which allowed the Italian crews to validate and harmonize at best all the platforms deployed to the INIOCHOS 22.

Italian Air Force Iniochos Andravida

On the occasion of the Distinguished Visitors Day, the Commander of the Air Team Command, Air Force General Alberto Biavati, expressed his appreciation for the exercise results achieved, congratulating the personnel of the 6th Wing for the continuous and fruitful commitment shown also on this occasion, especially in this international context where the Italian Air Force is increasingly present.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian Air Force

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