First ITAF Gulfstream G550 multi-mission aircraft arrives in Italy

Italian G550 multimission aircraft
The first Italian Air Force Gulfstream G550 multi-mission aircraft arrives at Pratica di Mare Air Base, Rome, Italy.

The first Gulfstrem G550 of the Italian Air Force belonging to the MMMS (Multisensor Multi-Mission System) program landed in early March at the Pratica di Mare Air Base, Rome, Italy, after a direct flight of over nine hours from Dallas, United States.

The crew of the aircraft was made up of mixed personnel from the 71st Flight Group and the Experimental Flight Department, who conducted a series of preparatory activities for the introduction of the new platform.

Italian G550 multimission aircraft

The aircraft, which officially enters the fleet of the 71st Flight Group at the 14th Wing of the Italian Air Force, will initially be used for training and transport missions, to enhance the deployment capabilities of the Unit, which has been operating since 2016 with the Gulfstream G550 aircraft in the CAEW (Conformal Airborne Early Warning) variant.

It will subsequently be converted into a G550 MMMS by adding a sophisticated mission suite. Once upgraded, its special sensors will allow to expand the data collection capacity of the Italian Defense.

As shown in the images, the aircraft received in the tail rudder the special celebratory logo for the 50th anniversary of the 71st Flying Group, which was born on March 1, 1972.

Italian G550 multimission aircraft

The 14th Wing is based at the Pratica di Mare Air Base and hosts two squadrons: the 71st Flight Group "Perseo", which conducts Airborne Early Warning missions with CAEW aircraft and radio measurement and tactical transport activities with P-180 Avanti I and II aircraft, and the 8th Flight Group "Breus" which carries out air refueling, strategic transport and biocontainment transport missions with KC-767A aircraft.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian Air Force

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