RAF F-35 jets begin patrolling NATO airspace near Russia

The RAF's newest Fifth Generation Fighter jets have joined NATO's Enhanced Vigilance Patrols for the first time, on the 3rd March 22.

RAF F35 patrolling airspace Russia
RAF F-35 and Typhoon fighters patrol NATO airspace near Russia.

The Lightnings from RAF Marham joined the Typhoon FGR4 jets taking part in pre-planned Enhanced Vigilance Activity, which is a NATO led Operation initiated due to the unfolding events in Ukraine. This activity provides air policing of NATO airspace ensuring a robust response to the Russian aggression seen in Ukraine and further contributing to the security of Europe.

The RAF are currently contributing Typhoon FGR4 aircraft, flying from both RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire and RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus as well as F-35 Lightnings from RAF Marham o the NATO Mission.

RAF F35 patrolling airspace Russia

The state-of-the-art F-35 stealth fighters can be armed with a variety of Air-to-Air and Air to Ground weapons and are capable of multiple simultaneous missions such as air defence policing whilst intelligence gathering.

Currently, RAF fighter aircraft are patrolling NATO airspace over Poland and Romania, once more demonstrating the UK’s unwavering commitment to the NATO Alliance.

The aircraft were supported by RAF Voyager Air-to-air refuelling aircraft from RAF Brize Norton, who offer additional fuel for the fighters so enabling greater range, providing greater mission endurance, and showing the reach of UK air power to support NATO's defence mission.

RAF F35 patrolling airspace Russia

"The F-35 is an incredibly capable and versatile aircraft. Operating alongside the Typhoons to maintain the integrity of the European airspace and contribute to the NATO Mission, the 5th Generation Fighter is a world beating fighter aircraft which can simultaneously provide Information Warfare, Intelligence gathering and Air-to-Air missions," Station Commander RAF Marham said.

Source, Images: RAF

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