Leonardo M346 jet crashes in Northern Italy, one pilot is killed

Leonardo M346 crashes Northern Italy
Leonardo M-346 advanced trainer-light combat aircraft.

This morning, at approximately 12:00 PM LT, a Leonardo M-346 double-seat advanced trainer aircraft crashed in the area above Colico (Monte Legnone) near Como in northern Italy. The aircraft was flown by a Leonardo test pilot and an outsourced instructor pilot.

The causes of the accident are currently unknown. Leonardo, as per established practice, immediately activated an internal investigation committee.

Unfortunately, the rescue teams, who promptly reached the area of ​​the accident, ascertained the death of the pilot from the external company.

Leonardo clarifies that, taking into account the current status of the relevant investigation, any theory on the possible causes is premature.

The aircraft took to the air from Leonardo’s Venegono Superiore site (Varese – Italy) at 11:00AM following the technical checks prior to flight authorization, completed shortly ahead of take-off and performed in full compliance with the inspection plan authorized by the relevant aviation authorities.

The flight plan included trials aimed at demonstrating specific capabilities which had already been tested during several flights already carried out in the past.

At 11:35AM, any contact with the aircraft was lost. Thanks to the prompt responsiveness of the rescue teams, the aircraft wreckage was identified nearby Colico (Monte Legnone), between Como and Lecco in the Northern Italy. 

Leonardo’s Top Management express their most heartfelt condolences for the loss of the pilot. Their deepest sympathies are with his family.

Blog Before Flight members express their deep condolences to the pilot's family.

Source: Leonardo

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