Italy sends additional Typhoons to Romania to strengthen defense in eastern area

Italy sends additional Eurofighter Romania
Italian Air Force Eurofighter and Romanian Air Force MiG-21s carry out a joint mission in Romania.

The Italian Air Force sent additional Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft to Romania on Sunday to strengthen air defense on the nation's east flank (Black Sea side).

As per the decision of the Italian government, the number of fighters deployed by Italy in the area has been increased from four to eight.

"As part of the strengthening of the deterrent posture on the east flank of the Alliance, from tomorrow Italy will strengthen its presence in Romania by doubling the number of Eurofighter aircraft already operating in the airpolicing activity. An additional 4 aircraft will be sent to the Mihail Kog─âlniceanu base in Constanta," Italy's Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini said last week.

"Italy is contributing with speed and conviction to the decisions taken within NATO, and yesterday the government approved a series of significant measures that provide for the strengthening of the military posture on the east flank following the unacceptable and unjustified aggression of Russia against Ukraine," Guerini added.

Italy sent the first four Eurofighters to Romania late last year under the NATO Enhanced Air Policing mission. During the first two months there, Italian fighters scrambled 14 times to identify aircraft that had entered Romanian airspace without authorization.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Image: Italian Air Force

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