Spanish Typhoons begin to operate with Meteor missile

Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon Meteor missile
Spanish Air Force Typhoon conducts first operational mission with Meteor missile.

A Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon (C.16) recently conducted the first operational mission equipped with the MBDA Meteor beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM), according to a tweet from the Spanish Air Force (Ejército del Aire) on January 15. It demonstrates how the SpAF has added significant capability to its air combat fleet.

The tweet shows a Typhoon belonging to the Ala 14 at Los Llanos Air Base, Albacete, carrying two Meteor missiles under its belly and IRIS-T missiles and fuel tanks under its wings. It is one of the Eurofighters that received the P2Eb update package which includes improvements in the data management of the weapon systems and their human-machine interface, with laser designation pods and infrared sensors.

The METEOR is capable of engaging targets far beyond the visual range (between 20 and 80 nautical miles), operating at an altitude between 500 and 40,000 feet, maintaining a speed of Mach 4. It also boasts a high ECCM (Eletronic Counter-Counter Measures) capability, a minimal trail trace, a bi-directional data link and the ability to operate in all weather conditions. As far as we know, Spain has acquired around 100 MBDA missiles as a result of a joint development program between Germany, the UK, France, Sweden and Italy.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Image: Spanish Air Force

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