Sweden orders new Gripen E equipment to delay retirement of Gripen C/D fleet

Sweden orders Gripen E equipment
Saab Gripen E multirole combat aircraft.

Sweden's leading aircraft manufacturer Saab announced Wednesday that it has received an order from the Swedish Defense Material Administration (FMV) for new equipment for the Gripen E. This is a supplementary contract to the original Gripen E contract from 2013. The order value amounts to approximately SEK 1.4 billion.

The original contract, regarding development and modification of Gripen E, signed in February 2013, was based on the terms that certain equipment from the existing Gripen C/D fleet within the Swedish Armed Forces should be reused.

Instead of reusing equipment from the Gripen C/D, new equipment is acquired for a part of the total Swedish order of 60 Gripen E aircraft. This approach secures the availability of the Swedish Gripen C/D fleet in service, while Gripen E is being delivered and introduced to the Swedish Armed Forces.

Although the Swedish Air Force had already planned to maintain two of the six Gripen C/D squadrons until 2035, this new deal will allow it to keep more aircraft of the current variant operational.

Source, Image: Saab

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