Brazilian start-up Desaer unveils ATL-300 civilian-military transport aircraft

The aircraft, which is based on the Italian-French ATR-42 platform, aims to grab Embraer market.

Desaer turboprop transport aircraft
Concept design of Desaer's new turboprop transport aircraft.

Desaer, a new Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, recently unveiled its new ATL-300 transport aircraft. The ATL-300, which is currently in an advanced stage of development, has been designed to meet military and civilian needs. The new aircraft will join Desaer's portfolio along with the smaller ATL-100 turboprop, previously introduced by the company.

The ATL-300, which premiered at the 6th edition of the BID Brasil military equipment fair, is a medium-sized aircraft capable of carrying 40 passengers (19 in the military variant) or up to four tons of cargo. Inspired by the Italian-French ATR-42 aircraft, it will be able to operate on short or rough runways thanks to its small size and versatility.

According to Desaer, the ATL-300 is designed to fly at a maximum altitude of 9,448 meters, with a cruising speed of around 520 km/h. Flight range is estimated at 2,600 km, ideal for regional routes.

Desaer is a joint venture established in collaboration with CEiiA (Centre of Engineering and Product Development), a Portuguese company specializing in aviation and technology. The activities will be split 70% in Brazil and 30% in Portugal, with plants in both cities capable of producing up to four aircraft per month.

The ATL-300 aims to counter Embraer's platforms in the national and international market. Embraer has already announced that they are also developing a turboprop aircraft with capabilities similar to those of the Desaer model and which promises to be even superior to the ATR-42, the benchmark in the segment.

The ATL-300 is expected to make its maiden flight in 2026 with deliveries to the first potential customers starting in 2027. The price per unit is approximately $21 million.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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