UK to boost Texan T-6C fleet with additional aircraft

RAF additional Texan T6C
RAF Texan T1 trainer aircraft.

Affinity Flying Training Services Ltd (Affinity) has received a contract worth approximately £ 65 million from the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) for the operation of four additional Texan T-6C aircraft over a 12-year period.

The addition and operation of the new aircraft will provide increased training support and an uplift in training and flight hours for the UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) programme with full capability in place by 2024.

This expansion of delivery capacity follows the procurement of four Texan T-6C aircraft from Textron Aviation Defense, which have been kept in readiness. The four additional Texan T-6C aircraft will be operated predominantly from Affinity’s site at RAF Valley, where they will join the 10 existing Texans that are already in service.

This uplift will provide employment for some 30 additional staff, boosting the local economy and supporting skills development in the region, while also growing Affinity’s delivery capacity through upgrades to key facilities.

The UKMFTS programme is a partnering agreement between UK Front Line Commands, the UK MOD, Ascent Flight Training and other leading industry partners to deliver aircrew training for the 21st century.

Affinity supports pilot training, procurement, operations and maintenance services, at RAF Cranwell, RAF Barkston Heath and RAF Valley on three different types of aircraft used by the UKMFTS programme. Since its formation in 2016, Affinity has delivered over 20,000 flying hours across the UK.

Source: Affinity Flying Training Services Ltd

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