Rafale contract for Egypt comes into force

Dassault Rafale contract Egypt
Egyptian Air Force Rafale combat aircraft.

French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation announced today the entry into force of the contract for the acquisition of an additional 30 Rafale combat aircraft by Egypt.

This contract, announced on May 4, follows Egypt's first acquisition of 24 Rafale, finalized in 2015, and will bring the number of Rafales operated by the Egyptian Air Force to 54. With this second order, the Egyptian Air Force became the second Rafale operator in the world after the French Air Force.

Dassault highlights how this agreement sets a new milestone in the strategic partnership between Egypt and France, and strengthens the historical ties forged with Dassault Aviation for nearly fifty years. It also demonstrates the satisfaction of the Egyptian authorities with the smooth execution of the first contract. Finally, it confirms the technological and operational excellence of the Rafale and its export success.

“In a demanding geopolitical context, Egypt has chosen the Rafale to ensure its role as a key player in the regional and international arena, in full sovereignty. This is an honour for Dassault Aviation and its partners, who are fully committed to meeting the expectations of the Egyptian authorities,” said Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation.

Source, Image: Dassault Aviation

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