Italian Minister of Defense approves procurement of six Piaggio P180 aircraft

Italy buy Piaggio P180
Italian Air Force P180 Avanti.

Italian Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini yesterday signed an inter-ministerial decree for the acquisition of six Piaggio Aerospace P180 aircraft for the Italian armed forces.

"Defense and the government continue to provide support to the company and its wealth of human and technological skills. Since 2019 the company has enjoyed measures that have allowed its operational continuity. The amount of the support measures has reached a value of over 700 million euros, "said Guerini.

The decree provides for the finalization of a € 171 million agreement for the procurement of six P-180 EVO aircraft, a flight simulator and the extension of the maintenance contract for the Viper engines.

The new agreement will be added to the previous ones, worth 540 million euros, signed starting from 2019. They relate to the maintenance of the Viper engines for the MB339 jets of the Italian Air Force, as well as those for the Chinook and Mangusta helicopters of the Italian Army and the modernization of the P180 fleet of all the Italian armed forces.

Compared to the previous variant, the new P180 Avanti EVO boasts greater range, faster climb, reduced fuel costs, a lower noise footprint, added safety systems, and a more luxurious cabin.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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