Saab conducts water spray test with Gripen E in Brazil

Saab Gripen water spray Brazil
Brazilian Gripen conducts water spray test.

Saab has successfully conducted the Water Spray test with the Gripen E, which attests the fighter's ability to operate in adverse situations. The activities were performed in June at the Gripen Flight Test Centre (GFTC) at Embraer's facilities, in Gavião Peixoto, in the interior of the São Paulo state.

During the exercise, the aircraft flew over a flooded runway at different speeds. This allows identifying the effects of spraying water on Gripen engines and other systems. This means that there can be no malfunction or ingestion of dangerous amounts of water while taxiing the plane.

“The activity went well and the aircraft performed as expected. The Gripen E has shown that it is capable of operating safely in situations such as heavy rain, without suffering damage from cascades of water pooling on the runway,” said Sven Larsson, head of Gripen Flight Test Centre at Saab.

The GFTC is equipped to collect the flight telemetry information in real time, in an encrypted way, so that the flight engineers can provide all the necessary support to the pilots during the tests. This is an activity performed in partnership with Embraer, whose exchange of experiences brings significant benefits to the Gripen Programme and also to Brazil and Sweden.

“We conducted the test at Embraer's Gavião Peixoto base, which has a special infrastructure to set up a “pool” on the runway and provide this unique experience. The opportunity to join forces between the Brazilian company and Saab significantly increases the capacity of the Gripen Programme as a whole, since all the advances we make here are used for the Brazilian and Swedish fighter jets test campaign,” reinforced Larsson.

Source, Image, Video: Saab

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