Babcock Canada, Leonardo Canada join forces to support country’s Future Aircrew Training - FAcT program

Leonardo Babcock Canada agreement FACT
Leonardo M-345, M-346 trainer jets.

Babcock and Leonardo, two major international aerospace, defense and security players and military training providers, announced Wednesday that they have entered into a collaborative agreement to offer a solution for Canada's Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) program.

Under the motto "Two Leaders, One Vision", Babcock and Leonardo will combine their proven global expertise and experience in delivering military aircrew training and will create a new joint-venture called Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training.

Thanks to the team’s far-reaching know-how and deep ties to Canada’s military, Babcock and Leonardo can provide an innovative training solution and optimal benefits to Canada’s economic and strategic goals through the FAcT program, as highlighted in the press release.

Babcock and Leonardo will offer a modern, comprehensive solution based on their extensive experience as a leading provider of fixed-wing, rotary-wing and mission training civil and military services. The new team is ready to invest in the Country and working collaboratively with Indigenous partners and communities.

Jana Lee Murray, Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training - Program Director, stated: “By coming together, Babcock Canada and Leonardo Canada are able to leverage their combined extensive global military aircrew training expertise and develop a tailored solution to meet the Royal Canadian Air Force’s needs.”

“We are strongly committed to working with our supply chain, communities, and Indigenous partners adding value to Canada now and in the future. We are fully prepared to provide a completely integrated, end- to-end military training solution that will generate a robust and efficient flow of Canadian military pilots and personnel.”

The new Canadian team's project involves the development of a modern and scalable military training infrastructure that will leverage a strong, well-founded supply chain with based in Canada.

About Babcock and Leonardo

With 80,000 employees globally and sites in over 50 countries, the two companies count over $25B CAD in combined annual revenue. With over 1,000 Canadian employees and 12 Canadian sites, together Babcock and Leonardo have been working in Canada for over 50 years.

About FAcT (Future Aircrew Training) Program

The Canadian Government is seeking to procure a comprehensive aircrew training program that provides aircraft, ground based training systems, civilian instructors, as well as other essential services, such as air traffic control, aircraft and airfield maintenance, accommodation, and food services for the Royal Canadian Air Force. The 25-year contract is expected to be awarded in 2023.

Source, Image, Video: Leonardo

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