Italian Air Force kicks off Falcon Strike 2021 exercise with F35 fighters from four nations

F35 Falcon Strike 2021 Italy
Italian Air Force F-35A stealth fighters assigned to 32nd Wing at Amendola AFB, southern Italy.

The Italian Air Force kicked off its main air exercise of the year, the Falcon Strike 2021, on June 7. The Falcon Strike 2021, which will have its hub at the Amendola air base, southern Italy, will run until June 15 and will involve over 50 aircraft including fighters, transport aircraft and tankers. It will mark the first joint activity, as part of a multinational exercise, of F-35A and F-35B fighters from four different countries (United States, Italy, United Kingdom and Israel) in Europe.

The exercise aims to reproduce an operational scenario in which complex aerial operations are carried out with 5th generation assets belonging to different nations. These scenarios have been designed to offer flight crews and support teams a complex, highly changeable and non-permissive context, in which they can train in various types of missions, including the protection of high-value aircraft assets, Close Air Support, air interdiction, support for ground special forces and dynamic targeting operations.

The flight operations will be carried out within airspaces designated for training and will also include EW (Electronic Warfare) and SBAD (Surface Base Air Defense) activities that will involve the SIRIUS radar system belonging to the 2nd Wing of the Italian Air Force and a SAMP -T unit of the Italian Army, among others.

F35 Falcon Strike 2021 Italy

F35 Falcon Strike 2021 Italy

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian Air Force

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