Korean F-16 undergoes upgrade testing in California

Korean F16 upgrade testing Edwards
An F-16 assigned to the 416th Flight Test Squadron successfully performed a GBU-39 bomb drop flight test recently at Edwards AFB, California. The 416th FLTS is supporting flight test operations for the Republic of Korea F-16 Upgrade Program.

A Republic of Korea Air Force (RoKAF) KF-16D Block 52N is currently deployed at Edwards Air Force Base, California, to conduct tests under the Republic of Korea F-16 Upgrade Program.

The fighter - serial 92-4046 - was temporarily assigned to the 416th Flight Test Squadron - 412th Test Wing of the US Air Force. While with the unit, the fighter is used to test the new features that will be implemented in the RoKAF F-16 fleet. The jet was previously modified by Lockhedd Martin and wears USAF markings.

The 412th Test Wing recently said that the KF-16D successfully performed a drop test of a small diameter GBU-39 (SDB) bomb on Edwards AFB's Precision Impact Range Area on February 26.

Korean F16 upgrade testing Edwards

The ROKAF currently operates 133 KF-16C/D Block 50/52 fighter aircraft, all of which will undergo extensive modernization and upgrades as part of the comprehensive improvement program. Lockheed Martin was awarded a $1.2 billion contract to retrofit the 133 KF-16s and upgrade them to the advanced F-16V configuration, which is the latest technologically and most advanced version of the fourth generation fighter jet. This modification includes AESA Radar, Modular Mission Computer, MIDS-JTRS, JHMCS II and ALR-56M Upgrade, APX-126 and a Center Pedestal Display.

Source: 412th Test Wing PA
Images: USAF/Ethan Wagner

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