Greece's large Iniohos 2021 exercise to kick off in a few days

Iniohos Iniochos 2021 spotter Andravida
Spanish Air Force F/A-18 Hornets. They will participate in Iniohos 2021.

The INIOCHOS 2021 (or Iniohos 2021) exercise will take place at Andravida Air Base, Greece, from 12 to 22 April. It is a well-known annual medium scale exercise (type INVITEX) based on the Single Base Concept (execution of operations from a single Air Base), with the participation of all branches of the Hellenic Armed Forces with the addition of foreign participants.

The Hellenic Air Force aims to make INIOCHOS one of the most competitive exercises in Europe and in the Mediterranean region and to provide Participants with a high level of training. It includes several types of activities such as Offensive Counter Air Operations (OCA), Air Defense Operations (ADO), Counter Surface Force Operations (CSFO), RECCE missions, Combat Search And Rescue missions, Time Sensitive Target missions, Dynamic Targeting, High Value Airborne Asset missions and Slow Mover Interceptor (SMI).

Every year hundreds of spotters from all over Europe came to Andravida to participate in the Spotter Days which are usually included in the exercise. They offer the opportunity to take pictures of all participants from a single location. The Iniohos 2021 Spotter Days are scheduled on 18, 19 and 21 April.

Since the first INVITEX in 2015, INIOCHOS exercise has attracted participation from USAFE, Israel Defense Forces, the United Arab Emirates Air Force, and the Italian Air Force and with increasing interest for participation by other countries. This year it will include the following guests:

• France with Rafale and Μ-2000D
• USA with F-16, MQ-9 and KC-135
• UAE with F-16
• Spain with F/A-18 Hornet
• Israel with F-15 and F-16
• Cyprus with helicopter AW139

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Photo Credit: Spanish Air Force

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