Gripen starts supersonic flight tests in Brazil

Gripen supersonic flight tests Brazil
Gripen conducts supersonic flight tests in Brazil.

The new fighter for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), the F-39 Gripen E, has begun performing supersonic flight tests in Brazil. The aircraft, based at the Gripen Test Flight Centre (GFTC) at Embraer's facilities in GaviĆ£o Peixoto (SP), has been carrying out the flights over the designated test areas north west of the base. All flights follow authority-defined procedures and take place at high altitude, above 5.000 meters.

These flights, carried out by Saab, are essential to test performance and functions of the new aircraft, in order to continue the certification and acceptance procedures of the aircraft, which arrived in Brazil in September 2020.

“Gripen will be performing supersonic flights during the next couple of months. Flying faster than the speed of sound creates a sound wave, a sonic boom, that may sound more like a thunderclap than the sound of a passing aircraft. It is possible that residents of the region will hear this sound while this important testing of Brazil´s new fighter is being done. We take care to ensure that these supersonic flights are taking place in designated test areas, in coordination with the aeronautical authorities and following the procedures of the Brazilian Air Force”, explains Sven Larsson, head of GFTC at Saab.

Flight activities in Brazil includes testing of flight and environmental control systems. It also aims to test the aircraft in the tropical climate. National features unique to the Brazilian aircraft, such as weapons integration and the Link BR2 communication system - which provides encrypted data and voice communication for the aircraft - will also be tested in Brazil.

Source, Image: Saab

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