Chief of Staff of Italian Air Force flies aboard E-550 CAEW 'Extraordinary multi-sensor system'

Italian Air Force E550 CAEW
Italian Air Force E-550 CAEW (Conformal Airborne Early Warning) aircraft.

The Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, Lt. Gen. Alberto Rosso, recently took part in a mission aboard the E-550 CAEW (Conformal Airborne Early Warning) aircraft to have direct feedback on the multiple capabilities of the system.

Gen. Rosso was able to admire the platform's unique Battle management and Command & Control capabilities, through which the crew coordinated the activities of some tactical aircraft engaged in complex operations, such as air refueling, as well as interacting with land assets.

"The E-550 CAEW is an extraordinary multi-sensor system, a sort of 'flying command post' which, through aerial surveillance, command, control and communications functions, is able to offer the Italian Defense a decisive operational contribution to get the Information Superiority," Rosso said.

At the end of the mission, he expressed great appreciation for the capabilities of the aircraft, highlighting how they are today essential resources for the activities of the national operational departments and highly appreciated by the Allied countries.

"Without knowing the context and the surrounding environment, today it is difficult to interact and effectively influence what happens outside, especially in Defense and Security," Rosso said.

The CAEW is an attitude based on the Gulfstream G550 civilian aircraft, subsequently modified. It is equipped with a latest generation mission system capable of automatically collecting and analyzing all the information obtained from the individual sensors; the large amount of data processed is then provided in real time to the various air, naval or land units involved.

Thanks to the AEW-BM & C (Airborne Early Warning, Battlefield Management & Communication) capability of which the aircraft is equipped, it is able to allow integration between fourth and fifth generation aircraft, as well as being essential for long distance projection of the national Command and Control chain.

The E-550 CAEW fleet of the Italian Air Force, consisting of two aircraft, is assigned to the 14th Wing based at the 'Mario de Bernardi' Military Airport in Pratica di Mare, Rome. According to the recent acquisition plan released by the Italian Defense, the fleet could soon expand with four more systems.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian Air Force

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