Italian Air Force celebrates major milestones for Tornado fighter-bombers in Kuwait

Italian Air Force Tornado Kuwait
Italian Air Force Tornado fighter-bombers on a mission in Kuwait under the 
Operation Inherent Resolve.

Ahmed Al Jaber AFB, Kuwait - On February 14, 2021, Colonel Luca Giuseppe Vitaliti, Commander of the Italian National Contingent Command Air - Task Force Air Kuwait, celebrated the important milestones achieved by the personnel of the Italian Air Force/Task Group Devil operating in the area with Tornado fighter-bombers since 2014.

"Today we celebrate a result that goes beyond the statistic: 4,000 flight hours and 5,000 targets in favor of the IR Coalition. The thousands of hours flown in operational missions, targets and points of interest covered under Operation Inherent Resolve by the Task Group Devil are the result of your ability to work as a team, to keep the aircraft ready and in full efficiency, to identify and promptly resolve problems and criticalities. These qualities allow Tornado today and for several years to come, to guarantee great operational effectiveness," Vitaliti said.

"Behind the 4,000 hours and 5,000 targets covered there is sweat, sacrifice. Behind these numbers there are technicians, specialists and maintenance workers who work with professionalism, insight, initiative, drawing on their great experience and knowledge of the Weapon System, as well as to the photo-interpretation and intelligence unit, which allows to translate the data acquired by the on-board sensors into information of unparalleled quality, essential for carrying out the operations. All this is therefore not mere statistics but the proof of our value,​​" Vitaliti added.

The Italian Air Force deployed the Tornados at the Inherent Resolve Operating Theater, in Ahmed Al Jaber, on 12 August 2020, to counteract the still active DA'ESH cells and contribute to the stabilization of the area. Thanks to the activities carried out by the Tornados, the Italian assets offer the Coalition the second most important contribution in air operations.

The Italian Tornados, belonging to the 6th Wing, have been operating in Kuwait since 2014, they are engaged in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions in Iraqi area to monitor and control the Operations from above, offering a decisive contribution to support the Information Superiority of the Coalition, prerequisite for the success of the operational activity.

Source, Image: Italian Air Force

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