Uruguay welcomes former Spanish Air Force Hercules

Uruguay Spanish Air Force Hercules
Uruguay welcomes former Spanish Air Force Hercules.

The Uruguayan Air Force recently welcomed the two former Spanish Air Force KC-130H Hercules that the Uruguayan Defense Minister bought from Spain earlier this year. Taking off from Zaragoza, Spain, the two airlifters reached the airport of Montevideo, Uruguay, on 19 December 2020.

The deal, which amounts to 21 million euros (plus a 1 million for training, spares and transfer), will allow Uruguay to renew the transport fleet of the Uruguayan Air Force, as well as obtain air refueling capability. The "new" aircraft will replace the two C-130Bs the nation bought second-hand in the 1990s (manufactured in the 1960s). One of them has already been grounded, while the other is on its final mission.

Uruguay Spanish Air Force Hercules

The Spanish Hercules began operating in 1973, but what made them attractive to South American Air Forces is that in 2000 they underwent a mid-life upgrade that revamped avionics, communications and protection systems.

In addition to Uruguay, Spain has sold two Hercules to Peru for 25 million euros and another six to the US company Blue Aerospace. The Spanish Air Force is replacing the type with the new Airbus A400M.

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Written by Matteo Sanzani
Photo Credit: Uruguayan Air Force

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