Embraer unveils future hybrid military transport aircraft

Embraer hybrid military transport aircraft
Embraer STOUT future hybrid military transport aircraft.

The Brazilian government has released the first concept images and new details of a hybrid-electric-powered aircraft being studied by Embraer to replace the Brazilian Air Force’s fleet of aging C-95 and C-97 airlifters.

The aircraft, called STOUT (Short Take Off Utility Transport), will use hybrid technology, with two turboprop engines under the wings and two more electric at the wingtips. It will be capable of carrying 30 soldiers or three tons of cargo over distances of 2,425 kilometers and will be similar in size to the EMB-120 Brasilia turboprop, but with the same configuration as the C-390 Millenium.

The STOUT is the result of a joint study launched in late 2019 by Embraer and the Brazilian Air Force to develop a new light military transport aircraft.

The goal of the project is to develop a modern platform able to meet FAB’s demanding operational needs, especially in the Amazon region and austere environments, including unpaved, short and damaged runways located in remote areas. It can also be used for MedEvac missions.

FAB, which in 2019 received its first C-390 multi-mission medium airlift, seeks with this project to integrate and modernize its transport capabilities in the smaller segments. Embraer also aims to meet the demands of the global market.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Image: Embraer

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