USAF F-16 makes emergency landing at Rimini International Airport, Italy

USAF F16 emergency landing Rimini
USAF F-16 makes emergency landing at Rimini International Airport, Italy.

On October 15, 2020, two USAF F-16 fighters from Aviano Air Base, north of Italy, landed at the "Federico Fellini" International Airport in Rimini, Italy, at approx. 2 PM LT. While they were in flight, one of the two pilots contacted the Rimini control tower for an unspecified emergency and requested authorization for an urgent landing.

According to the first rumors, one of the two fighters suffered a technical problem and decided not to continue the mission. As per procedure, a second F-16 escorted the "failed" aircraft to its destination. The Fellini was the most suitable airport along the U.S. combat aircraft route.

USAF F16 emergency landing Rimini

The airport's emergency vehicles were immediately alerted, waiting for the two F-16s along the apron.

Rimini airport is well known to local military aviation enthusiasts for hosting the F-104 Starfighter fighters belonging to the 5th Wing/23rd Fighter Squadron of the Italian Air Force until the 1990s. Even today part of the structure is under military management, it is the home of the 7th "Vega" Regiment of the Italian Army.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
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