Italian Air Force involves nine different types of aircraft for a major exercise in southern Italy

Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon
Italian Air Force F-2000A Typhoon takes off from Gioia del Colle AFB, Italy.

From 8 to 10 July, the Italian Air Force conducted a training activity in southern Italy aimed at simulating night-time PR (Personnel Recovery) and CAS (Close Air Support) missions. The armed force has involved several aircraft with different roles and capabilities that have worked synergistically to achieve interforce operational effectiveness in unconventional and complex scenarios.

Thanks to great teamwork, it was possible to jointly use F-2000 Typhoon fighters belonging to the 4th, 36th, 37th and 51st Wing to ensure air supremacy, AMX aircraft for the protection of ground forces, as well as HH-101A and HH-139A helicopters belonging to the 15th Wing for the search and rescue of isolated or blocked military units in an impervious environment.

In addition, the exercise involved a G550 CAEW and a KC-767 belonging to the 14th Wing, a C-130J belonging to the 46th Air Brigade, some Tornado ECR and IDS combat aircraft belonging to the 6th Wing and a MQ1 - Predator belonging to the 32nd Wing.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian Air Force

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