Scramble, scramble, scramble for ITAF F-35 fighters in Iceland

Italian F-35 scramble Iceland
Two Italian Air Force F-35 fighter jets during the training scramble over Iceland viewed from a Danish Air Force CL-604 Challenger.

On July 3, 2020, the Italian F-35 combat aircraft currently deployed to Iceland to safeguard the airspace in NATO’s High North region conducted a training scramble with a Danish Air Force CL-604 Challenger.

The Danish jet from Air Transport Wing Aalborg was on its way to Greenland when it simulated an unidentified aircraft and became a “target aircraft” for the Italian 5th generation fighters.

NATO Allies conduct simulation like this to practice alert procedures in an unknown airspace and enhance cooperation – in this case between the Italian F-35s, the Danish CL-604 and Icelandic Coast Guard air traffic controllers.

The Italian Air Force F-35 fighter aircraft landed in Keflavik Air Base, Iceland, on June 9, 2020. The operation called "Northern Lightning II" involves six Italian F-35 belonging to the 32nd Wing.

This is the second time after the spring of 2019, that Italy deploys its fifth generation fighter aircraft to the Allied mission providing interceptor capabilities to safeguard Icelandic airspace.

Source: NATO AirCom
Images: Royal Danish Air Force

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