Leonardo: a global high-tech playerpromoting advanced capabilities for Peru

Four C-27J aircraft, already in operation with the Peruvian Air Force for search, rescue and humanitarian transport missions, help to respond effectively to natural disasters underlining the key role played by the armed forces to support the national community.

Leonardo C-27J plays a key role to counter Covid-19 emergency in Peru. The aircraft offers decisive support for the Peruvian community since its entry into service at the Fuerza Aérea del Peru.

Fuerza Aérea del Peru has recently celebrated the goal of over 6,400 flight hours flown with their Leonardo C-27J Spartans since the first aircraft landed at the International Jorge Chavez airport in Lima, home to the FAP Grupo Aereo N°8, in March 2015: thanks to its unique characteristics of performance, reliability, operational flexibility, well above the “numbers” the C-27J is demonstrating to be a key aircraft for the Peruvian Air Force. Its capabilities for supportingthe Country are emerging clearly again during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic emergency, after the successful operations in disaster recovery tasks carried out since the beginning if its still young but intense operational life with FAP. 

In this particularly demanding moment for the Defence assets to protect and supportpopulations, we had an interesting talk with Francesco Moliterni, Leonardo’s SVP Marketing and Sales LATAM, not only on their C-27 Spartan but more widely on Leonardo technologies and long term strategy in our Country.

“Leonardo intends to support the further development of the defence sector in Peru” said Francesco Moliterni, Leonardo’s SVP Marketing and Sales LATAM. “We’re glad the C-27J is helping the national community in Peru during this emergency and hopefully the pandemic will just be a sad reminder in a not too distant period. We’re confident for the future and we want to become a partner for Peru also in other sectors such as, for example, in the naval and airport domains. In the naval sector we’re ready to collaborate with SIMA for our Kronos radars.” Moliterni went on to say “With a solid expertise in the airport sector, Leonardo believes there are significant opportunities to cooperate for the development of the new terminal in Lima. We’re looking forward to provide all our technologies for this programme and make of the new terminal one of the most advanced in the world. The recent opening of Leonardo’s Office in Lima” Mr. Molinterni continues “shows the commitment to have a representative office better presenting the Company’s strategy to the Peruvian stakeholders, allows to better understand the evolution of Nation’s needs and to develop industrial synergies. This can pave the path for a stronger strategic partnership between Peru and Leonardo”.

Leonardo’s industrial capabilities, in fact, the longstanding expertise and strong commitment to innovation and customers, make the Company one of the top ten players in the world in Aerospace, Defence and Security. Partner of choice for governments, institutions and Armed Forces, as well as for private customers and entities, Leonardo delivers to its customers’ products and integrated solutions based on cutting-edge technologies with dual-use applications, that strengthen the global security of any country and support and protect their people.

And, speaking about “dual-use, this is an aspect where COVID-19 pandemic emergency dramatically highlighted governments’ need for reliable and flexible assets, able to redirect capabilities in support of the Country and operate in “disaster relief” situations. Not by chance the Italian Government considers Leonardo a “strategic company” whose continued operations are key to face the pandemic emergency. Leonardo’s efforts have supported the population, with its helicopters and aircraft flying continuously transferring materials and medical teams in the most hit areas, performing MEDEVAC operations even in bio-containment mode. Its cybersecurity technologies helped public as well as private entities to protect their data and communications in a particularly dangerous situation as well as securing several businesses and sectors helping them to carry on their operations and working activities remotely.

There are several solutions of Leonardo which are therefore perfectly suited to respond also to Peruvian modern requirements for greater security and more effective support to the national community: with the C-27J Spartans operated by the Air Force in harsh conditions, Leonardo has demonstrated to have the right product and capabilities to meet those requirements exceeding expectations in the fix-winged domain. The world-class AW139 is the best solution for vertical lift missions. Peru needs security, utility and rescue helicopters capable to operate at high altitude ensuring adequate power margin, payload and safety standards. The AW139 is the most powerful helicopter in its class, with demonstrated 20,000 ft capability, room for up to 15 passengers or a mix of medical attendants and litters. It is specifically developed in an EMS (Emergency Medical Service) configuration, that during the COVID-19 has extended its capability to MEDEVAC in biocontainment mode. It features advanced navigation and all-weather mission technology meeting the most stringent safety standards for the task. The AW139 has demonstrated its capabilities with armed forces and government agencies worldwide, and in Latin America in a particularly wide scope of operational conditions.

Italian Country system, its national institutions, armed forces, defence industry areideally positioned to make the best integrated offer for Peru’s defence development, and Leonardo represents therefore a unique and reliable partner for the satisfaction of a wide range of Nation’s needs, providing the best and most cost/effective technologies, operational flexibility of the defence system, return on the investments, and – last but not least - opportunities of industrial cooperation, as the opening of Leonardo’s Office in Lima shows.

A new and reinforced relationship with Peruis ready to start and a new chapter of a long lasting story is beginning to get on paper.

Source, Image: Leonardo

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