Draken International receives first former Royal Jordanian Air Force Mirage F1

Draken receives Jordanian Mirage F1
Draken International receives first former Royal Jordanian Air Force Mirage F1.

On April 3, 2020, Draken International announced on its Facebook page that it had recently received the first Mirage F1 aircraft from the Jordanian Air Force fleet.

It is one of two F1DJs previously flown by RJAF, with serial number 118. Jordan had acquired it from the Spanish Air Force in 1995 and Spain from Qatar a year earlier.

The jet will join the fleet of the type already operational with the US private contractor who has recently started launching its Mirage F1Ms against US Air Force aircraft. The Mirage F-1 fleet allowed Draken to acquire supersonic abilities. Previously these missions were conducted exclusively by Draken A-4 and L-159 aircraft.

As known, in 2018, Draken purchased 22 former Spanish Air Force Mirage F1M and F1B and brought them back to flight status to carry out private adversary missions, in support of the combat readiness training of the USAF and its allies.

Draken and its partner Paramount Aerospace Systems have reassembled, restored and certified the Mirage F1 fleet. Fully modernized Mirage F1Ms now challenge 4th and 5th generation US and coalition fighters during during the Red Flag air combat exercise at Nellis AFB, Nevada.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Images: Draken International

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