Top Gun: Maverick movie made Tom Cruise's dreams come true

Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise aboard US Navy Super Hornet combat aircraft during a scene from the Top Gun: Maverick movie.

At the beginning of the year Entertainment Weekly published a new interview with Joseph Kosinski, director of Top Gun: Maverick, who spoke about the sequel to the cult film of the eighties and Tom Cruise's dream.

Kosinski told of the hard training that all the "newcomers" have undergone. Tom Cruise, who holds an aerobatic pilot license, directly provided advice to new actors on how to deal with extreme flight.

In a recent interview, producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that even in the first Top Gun the actors flew aboard military jets but all the shots were unusable because they all showed actors who vomited:

"In Top Gun we had put the actors aboard F-14s, but we couldn't even use a frame, except for some scenes with Tom Cruise, because all the actors were vomiting. You can see their eyes rotating, it's crazy. So it was all done with a simulator. But in Top Gun: Maverick Tom wanted to be sure that the actors were really aboard F-18s."

According to Kosinski, the actors had to practice a lot to be able to shoot high-altitude sequences aboard the F-18 Super Hornets. The aircraft were equipped with up to six IMAX quality cameras to capture the actors' expressions while in the air. They sat in the rear seat, the jets were piloted by experienced US Navy pilots.

"The most extreme sequence is the one in which Maverick darting in the desert at a very low altitude," Kosinski said. "We had to ask for a special permission from the Navy to shoot it. It is one of the most complex aerial sequences that came to mind."

Furthermore, he said that thanks to the film, Tom managed to make all his aviation dreams come true, such as taking off from an aircraft carrier and then landing on it. No one had ever shot such scenes in the history of cinema.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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