What future for Patrulla Aguila after the solo pilot's death?

Patrulla Aguila airshow schedule 2020
Patrulla Aguila solo pilot.

After the death of Patrulla Aguila solo pilot Eduardo Garvalena in the plane crash that occurred last week and that of the previous solo pilot Francisco MarĂ­n six months ago, the future of Patrulla Aguila is now uncertain. Both pilots played the key role in the aerobatic team. The "Solo" is the most complicated because of the extreme maneuvers that push the plane to its limit safely.

Considering the complexity of the role, each "Solo" is solely responsible for the formation of his successor. Now, after the death of the last two pilots who covered that role, no one else currently has enough experience to replace them.

The Patrulla Aguila has thus decided to suspend the training because without the pilot #5 it is not possible to perform the standard aerobatic program.

The team was currently busy completing the training for the 2020 season, which was expected to begin in May.

The 2020 aerobatic season is currently pending, pilots are considering changing program and maneuvers, but it is very likely that they will only perform fly-bys at local events in 2020.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Image: Patrulla Aguila

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